Decision Day Blog Contest Feature, Part One

This blog is the first in a series of five installments written by high school seniors, that explain how college will be a "game changer."  The blogs were selected from entries to MCAN's Decision Day Blog Contest, which celebrates the college-selection decision happening for thousands of students throughout the state of Michigan. A winning entry will be featured on MCAN's blog every Tuesday, beginning April 26 and through May 24.


Northern Michigan University Will be a Game Changer

By Megan Martin, Jonesville High Schooldecision-day-meganmartin-1

“College.” That’s a word you hear quite a bit as a high school senior. There are so many colleges to consider, majors to choose from, extracurricular groups to select. In all honesty, it’s petrifying. I keep myself going by thinking about all the exciting new experiences and opportunities I am going to have while I am there. I’ll be attending Northern Michigan University in the fall. That was a hard decision for me to elect but when it came down to the basics, no other school felt like home to me. I’ve never been the finest at making friends, I’ve always struggled to fit in but the first time I stepped on Northern’s campus, I knew innovation was going to happen. I hope college is going to be a game changer through the new doors that are going to open with friendships, career opportunities and driven passion for new experiences.

I’m not going to be the first person in my family to attend college. My sister has, my brother has and my mom currently is. I will, however, be the first to leave for college. My sister and brother lived at home while they went to school part time. Even then, I chose not to just go anywhere, I chose a college eight hours away. By choosing a college quite a distance away, I hoped I would find my independence and branch out in new way that I can’t here in my hometown. When you hear all those stories from college students about this and that, how they went here and there, it opens your mind to possibilities. I hope to travel to Marquette and be the college student telling my stories to my high school friends back home.

While there are all these exciting aspects of leaving for this next step in my life, what if I get sick? My mom can’t drive eight hours to rub my back and give me soup. What about those days I’m too stressed out and need to relax with my best friend? She can’t drive eight hours to take me on a shopping spree. How do I get home for the holidays if the Mackinac Bridge closes for bad weather? I fear missing my dad’s birthday because finals have me so stressed out I forget. I fear missing my brother’s graduation from basic training because it doesn’t work into my schedule. I fear my family moving my things out of my bedroom. Yeah, college is thrilling and I’m sure everything will turn out fine but I fear not knowing what my future holds or how things will work out.

Ice climbing, cross country skiing, kayaking through Lake Superior are just a few of the opportunities I hope to embrace as I shift to Northern. Northern will be a game changer for me and I’m excited for the experiences I’ll be able to share in the years to come.


Posted: April 26, 2016 


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