Decision Day Blog Contest Feature, Part Five

This is the fifth and final blog in a series of five installments written or filmed by high school seniors, that explain how college will be a "game changer." The blogs were selected from entries to MCAN's Decision Day Blog Contest, which celebrates the college-selection decision happening for thousands of students throughout the state of Michigan. A winning entry has been featured on MCAN's blog every Tuesday, beginning April 26 and through May 24.


How I Hope College Will Be a Game Changer

By Abby Smith, Maple Valley High School

With college comes an opportunity for you to create a new image. It is a time when everyone has a chance to start fresh with a clean slate. I've heard of many people who didn't take high school seriously or enjoy it all that much, but they still turned out alright (wink wink). One of those is my dad, who is now a successful project manager! College is a whole new world. 

I don't think that I've ever been overly excited about the topic of college. Up to this year I did not really feel like college was my thing. I always wanted to skip ahead, go travel, and try to make it on my own. I had looked at college like I had looked at school: try to fit in, try to make friends and most of all, try to get good grades.

However, this is NOT how I am going to look at college. Instead, it will look more like this: try to fit in  live authenticallytry to make friends  be open to new things (and make friends), try to get good grades  and put learning>good grades. I put learning above good grades because I've realized that having an "A" in my class hasn't necessarily meant that I've been fully applying myself. As I've reached my senior year I have become more appreciative of the classes that taught me more; good letter grades don't mean as much. 

game chang·er

an event, idea, or procedure that effects a significant shift in the current manner of doing or thinking about something.
"a potential game changer that could revitalize the entire US aerospace industry"

Along with school realizations, I have also realized how much of an impact my high school and my small town have made on my life. The people I've met, the opportunities I've been given, and the books that I've (been forced or recommended to) read have inspired me to want to be the best person that I can be. I've learned that I want to be a well-rounded person and have opinions on lots of things. I want to meet new people and hear new stories. I want to have more "ah-hah!" moments, which occur when something I've previously learned clicks and makes more sense. And most of all, I want to grow my faith with God and be excited to share it with others.

All of those things that I just mentioned, well...Those are my hopes for college. I've always enjoyed high school, but there have been few times where I have felt uncomfortable. This sounds like a weird request, but I really do hope that I experience more uncomfortable and vulnerable moments. I've found that those are the times when I have grown the most and have figured out more of who I want to become. 

Every section of my life, both good and bad, has been a part of my giant puzzle. The good parts are the pieces that fit together just the way you expected them to.  And the bad parts are like the pieces that deceive you and look like they fit, but don't. However, they all end up connecting and creating a masterpiece.

I am excited to say that I am actually looking forward to college. Bigger city, more people, and unlimited food? Yes, please! I know that I am going to change as a person, but I hope that the change is good... I hope my college will put me on a road to success and prepare me for the flat tires, crazy drivers, and Michigan potholes. I hope that I learn lots, gain opportunities, and adjust to vulnerability. This is how I hope college will be a game changer.


Posted: May 24, 2016 

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