College Changes Everything: Caleb Boswell

This blog is the first of eight installments in a series that profiles college access professionals. During the one-minute interviews, participants explain how college proved to be a “game changer” in their lives. Selected interviews will appear on MCAN's blog every Tuesday, beginning June 14. 


Caleb Boswell 

Colleges Attended
Central Michigan University, Eastern Michigan University 

Degrees Earned
Psychology, Interpersonal & Public Communications (B.S. for both CMU), College Counseling (M.A. EMU) 

Current Job Title/Employer
Director of High School Success, United Way for Southeastern Michigan

Year of College Graduation
CMU 2005, EMU 2014

Who, if anyone, encouraged you most to attend college?
I was raised by my great-grandmother and she instilled in me at an early age the importance of education. I was always encouraged and expected to do well in school. Though I am a first-generation student, going to college was always an expectation and not an option. I can honestly say there was never a time that I did not think about attending college!

What surprised you most about college?
College is a time of personal growth and exposure. I found it disheartening that in a place of higher education, some individuals would choose to remain ignorant, especially around issues that dealt with diversity and multiculturalism. 

What was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome while attending college?
As a student in high school I did not have to work very hard, yet I was an honor student. I would do my homework, papers/assignments, and participate in class. I quickly realized that I would have to put in much more effort to be successful in college. I also had to learn how to study and in the end realized I did my best when I utilized study groups.

Where do you think you'd be/what might you be doing if you hadn't attended college?
I honestly do not know? As previously stated, attending college was always a requirement, and not an optional choice! My college experience has become such a huge part of my life. Many of my closest friends, unique experiences, and opportunities were afforded to me due to my collegiate experience.

Feel free to expand on your video response to tell us more about how/why college was a “game changer” for you.
Obtaining my degree was always top priority, but what I also looked forward to was growing into my own person. This is one of the reasons why I chose CMU. I had to stay in-state, but there was enough distance that truly forced me to be more independent. Coming from Detroit to Mt. Pleasant was a bit of a culture shock. I took a great interest in programming and events that promoted diversity to the entire campus, as well as those that uplifted the collegiate experience specifically for students of color. The organizations and programs that I participated in allowed me to develop my talents and gain new skills that I am able to utilize, both professionally and personally.  The growth I had from my freshman year to graduation has helped shape the man I am today.


Posted: June 14, 2016


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