Continuing to Serve: Honoring our Veterans

This week, we celebrate the very essence of our democracy. On Nov. 8, our country participated in an election. Election Day unfolded in a peaceful manner and the results were counted for every local, state and federal level of government. The ability to have a peaceful, civil election is a result of the blood, sweet, and tears of all American Veterans. Our American Veterans made the sacrifice that their children and grandchildren will live in land that is free and have the opportunity have a better life than their parents. As a military veteran, I am humbled and proud to say I served this county and made a difference in this nation. I am humbled to continue my commitment to services as the director of the Michigan Veteran Education Initiatives (MVEI) program.

The Michigan Veteran Education Initiative is an effort to support veterans transitioning to civilian life and to aid in their pursuit of a college education. The program provides one-on-one support to help the thousands of veterans who enroll in Michigan’s educational institutions by providing outreach services, support and information. Launched in 2014, MVEI has serviced over 2,200 student veterans at fifteen colleges and universities across the state of Michigan. It is with great pride to watch the each Veteran Resource Representative (most of whom are veterans themselves) provide tangible assistance in the areas of employment, education, medical and quality of life to all of student veterans to assist in their transition to civilian life. These veterans deserve this and more, I am honored to say I had the opportunity to not only serve my county but now my fellow veteran.

To all my fellow veterans, "Thank you for your service."


Author: Leonard Rusher, Director, Michigan Veteran Education Initiative

Posted: Nov. 9, 2016



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