Inspiring a Tradition - 2015 CSD with Mrs. Obama in Detroit

This blog post was authored by Maria C. Montoya with Excellent Schools Detroit and was originally published on as part of Better Make Room's College Signing Day blog series. Portions of the blog are posted here with permission.
All too often the individuals who are lifted up to our youth as role models are music icons and/or athletes. Yes, music icons and athletes are valuable roles models, but our students also need to be exposed to more everyday heroes. Everyday heroes often attribute post-secondary education as a key pathway to their success and are often not featured or honored for their choices. 

Choosing to take this path is something that deserves recognition, and a great deal of support from our communities. That is why it was a very easy decision for us to decide to host the first-ever citywide Detroit College Signing Day in May 2015... Continue Reading 


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