Howell High School Decision Day Celebrates Students Pursuing Postsecondary Education

This blog post was authored by Howell Public Schools and was originally published on the district's website. The blog is posted here with permission.

On Thursday, May 18, Howell High School celebrated College Decision Day. The goal of College Decision Day was to celebrate the school’s seniors for their postsecondary educational plans and encourage younger students to prepare early for postsecondary education. The celebration included a parade of seniors holding signs representing their postsecondary education choices, a school-wide assembly and guest speakers. The speakers included Sarah Anthony, Michigan College Access Network deputy director for partnership and advocacy; and Captain Marc Aalderink, United States Air Force intelligence officer and assistant professor of aerospace Studies.

In the fall students from Howell will begin their postsecondary education at schools like Harvard, Penn State, The University of Alabama, The University of Michigan. Michigan State University and Central Michigan University. Other students plan to join the armed forces or enter the workforce after graduation.

“At Howell High School we continue to create a college-going culture. Throughout the year we have had events to help encourage students to apply to institutions of postsecondary education and to learn about the various types of financial aid that is available to students,” said Lisa O’Connor, Howell High School dean of students. “As a school, district and community, we are extremely proud of the Class of 2017 for taking this big step for their future.”

College Decision Day is the third event that Howell High School has hosted to help promote a college-going culture. Earlier in the school year, students participated in College Application Week, where all seniors were encouraged to apply to at least one college. The school also held a College Cash Campaign which taught students and parent about the various forms of financial aid available to help pay for college.


Author: Sarah Anthony, Deputy Director for Partnerships and Advocacy
Posted: May 31, 2017

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