2018 CARDINAL AWARD RECIPIENT: North Branch High School

These award recipients boost the college access activity in communities on the ground level helps drive the state toward the Big Goal – 60 percent by 2025. They also promote campaigns that urge students, parents, school staff and citizens to take direct action helps to create a sense of urgency around the postsecondary planning process. The recipient of this award is an individual or organization that has advanced the college-going culture through significant investment in statewide campaigns. 

1. College and credentials can be life-changing to people across the state, why do you believe that is true in your community?

North Branch is located in Lapeer County, where the current degree achievement rate is only 29.5%. As we strive to increase the achievement rate in the North Branch community, we also believe it will increase the economic status of our community and have an overall positive impact on our county.

2. As a college access champion, how will you continue to work toward promoting college access in your community?

We will continue to have a strong relationship with the Michigan College Access Network (MCAN) as we work to achieve our common goal of 60% obtainment by 2025. The next few years will be vital and we understand that those in our current and upcoming graduating classes are extremely vital in achieving this goal. Our Post-Secondary Advisory Council (PAC) has already begun working on ideas for next school year to further promote our college-going culture at the high school and expansion to lower grade levels.

3. Your hard work and commitment are helping us draw closer to Goal 2025, please describe a challenge you faced in your postsecondary planning process, and how your efforts helped to address it?

The most difficult challenge was getting started and figuring out what would have the strongest impact in a short amount of time. We opened our PAC membership to everyone and in effect formed a strong group of individuals who believe in the work and are extremely excited about it. We also have the support of our administration and Board of Education, which we continuously update on our progress, ideas, and implementation.

North Branch was extremely fortunate to receive a Reach Higher grant and then the following year to have the privilege of including an AdviseMI Adviser.  The support of MCAN has been extremely vital in the acceleration of promoting the college-going culture in our district.

Author: Amy Hyrman
Posted: February 5, 2019 


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