Proposed Funding Increase for Statewide College and Career Preparation

This week Gov. Rick Snyder released his FY2016 Budget proposal and we are thrilled to see Gov. Snyder has proposed to increase funding to support statewide college access initiatives for students. The proposal includes increase funding for the state's college and career readiness activities from $2 million to $3 million through the Michigan College Access Network.

Much of the increase will go to expanding college access activities for Michigan high school students. Those of you familiar with our work at MCAN know we help fund the placement of dedicated college advisers in high schools and organizes outreach efforts to make students and parents aware of the steps necessary to pursue education beyond high school. Additionally, our funding supports statewide college access campaigns, professional development opportunities, and grants to local college access networks.

Funding will be distributed through the Talent and Economic Development Agency to MCAN and will be used for:

  1. Access to local college networking program and services
  2. Increasing participation and graduation rates through local college access networks
  3. Support "Advise Michigan" program in recruiting, training, and placing current college graduates in becoming college advisors in high schools for low-income and first-generation students
  4. Granting mini-scholarships to high schools that display efforts in encouraging and assisting students that are applying for college
  5. Support Michigan College Access Portal, a portal that provides free support and resources for all students and parents that simplify the process from transitioning from middle to high school or from high school to college
  6. Increase awareness and outreach programs in assisting student and parents to apply for federal student aid

We're excited to work with the new Talent and Economic Development Agency, because like us, they are committed to investing in our talent in order to supply a workforce that meets future market demands. We know postsecondary education is essential to help people succeed professionally or advance in their careers.

The governor also proposed to increase funding to community colleges and public universities, teamed with a funding increase based on student-centric, best practices of the colleges. We applaud this commitment to put our students first.

Our state must ensure more young people are enrolling in and completing postsecondary degrees and certificates, because 70 percent of all jobs in Michigan will require postsecondary education by the year 2020.
We appreciate the Gov. Snyder's commitment to making this goal a reality.

Brandy Johnson headshot 2013Author: Brandy Johnson, MCAN executive director

Posted: February 13, 2015

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