MCAN responds to education comments in Gov. Snyder’s 2018 State of the State Speech

Jan. 24, 2018 - LANSING, Mich. - The following statement is from Brandy Johnson, executive director of the Michigan College Access Network (MCAN), in response to comments about education delivered by Gov. Rick Snyder in his 2018 State of the State speech.

“Governor Rick Snyder is ending his term as governor on a strong note by drawing a crucial connection between Michigan’s economic stability and postsecondary education attainment in his 2018 State of the State Speech. Gov. Snyder said talent in Michigan is his first priority and called on the Legislature to invest in higher education to supply an educated workforce needed to move our state forward. The early college credits students can take in high school is an important step in the right direction, but we still have work to do.

I was proud to serve on the 21st Century Education Commission. Together, we released a report that provides the framework for Michigan’s education system to better prepare students for a global economy.

The report outlined ambitious college attainment goals:

  • By 2025, 70 percent or more of our 25-year-olds will have completed a college degree, occupational certificate, apprenticeship, or formal skill training. 
  • Eliminate the equity gap at the college enrollment level:  By 2025, the high school graduation and postsecondary enrollment gap between low-income and middle-income children in Michigan will have disappeared.

The Michigan College Access Network team applauds Gov. Snyder’s efforts to improve Michigan’s talent pool, because data demonstrates higher education and in-demand, well-paying jobs go hand-in-hand. The Michigan College Access Network believes all students should be sent the same message, they are college material and postsecondary education is vital to succeeding. Family income should never dictate a student’s future, and we applaud the governor’s efforts to make education a priority for all students.”


About Michigan College Access Network

As the leader in the state’s college access movement, MCAN’s mission is to increase Michigan’s college readiness, participation and completion rates, particularly among low-income students, first-generation college going students, and students of color. For the seventh year in a row, Michigan’s postsecondary educational attainment rate has increased — from 35.7 percent of 25-to-64-year-olds possessing at least an associate degree in 2008, to 39.4 percent in 2015. Additionally, it is estimated another 4 percent of Michiganders have a high-quality certificate, bringing Michigan’s official attainment rate to 43.4 percent. It is MCAN’s goal to increase Michigan’s postsecondary educational attainment rate to 60 percent by the year 2025. For more information, visit


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