College Cash Campaign kicks off statewide

Nov. 27, LANSING, MICH. – More than 250 schools across the state are joining the Michigan College Cash Campaign to increase the number of students completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and scholarship applications. The Michigan College Access Network (MCAN) coordinates with participating schools to encourage support around completing FAFSA and scholarship applications from November through March. The promotion aims to help eligible students find financial aid to pursue education beyond high school.

“Perceived cost is one of the biggest obstacles students encounter on their journey to furthering their education. Applying for financial aid is an important step to helping students navigate the college and financial application process,” said Brandy Johnson, MCAN Executive Director. “Every school participating in this campaign is giving students an advantage.”

The Michigan College Cash Campaign is a part of several statewide initiatives that help students navigate the college-going process during their senior year.

The FAFSA is a free application that is the only way for students to obtain access federal and state financial aid. In addition, many colleges and universities require the FAFSA for institutional and merit-based aid. The FAFSA helps students who may not understand how to locate financial resources. The form determines the amount of money a family is expected to contribute to the price of attending a postsecondary institution. This is used by the federal government, colleges, and universities to determine eligibility for grants or loans. Filing the FAFSA is considered a leading indicator of whether students will pursue college. The Michigan FAFSA tracker is here.

Hundreds of schools participate to improve each district’s FAFSA completion rate. The average FAFSA completion rate in Michigan for the 2017-18 school year was 64.2 percent (as of June 2018).

New this year, MCAN has teamed up with national scholarship platform provider, Scholly, which offers an award-winning, personalized scholarship matching and application tracking tool. Up to 10,000 Michigan high school seniors will have access through their school's participation in the College Cash Campaign.

“This important movement will better position Michigan’s students and our state to fulfill the talent needs of businesses and prepare for the jobs of the future,” said Johnson.

More information about the Michigan College Cash Campaign is here.



As the leader in the state’s college access movement, MCAN’s mission is to increase Michigan’s college readiness, participation and completion rates, particularly among low-income students, first-generation college going students, and students of color. For the seventh year in a row, Michigan’s postsecondary educational attainment rate has increased — from 35.7 percent of 25-to-64-year-olds possessing at least an associate degree in 2008, to 39.4 percent in 2015. Additionally, it is estimated another 4 percent of Michiganders have a high-quality certificate, bringing Michigan’s official attainment rate to 43.7 percent as of 2018. It is MCAN’s goal to increase Michigan’s postsecondary educational attainment rate to 60 percent by the year 2025. For more information, visit

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