Counselor PD Law

Public Act 151 (Counselor PD Law) Frequently Asked Questions

Public Act 151 (also known as HB 4181) amends the Revised School Code (MCL 380.1233) to direct that 50 of the 150 required professional development hours for counselors must be dedicated to college preparation and career counseling. The law states that there will be a two-year transition and implementation time before the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) will require the course work as part of renewing credentials. 

What are the requirements?

The new law states that 50 of the already required 150 professional development hours must go toward the following areas:

  • College preparation and selection process - 25 hours
  • Career counseling - 20 hours
  • Military career options - 5 hours

Counselor credentials will need to be re-certified every five years.

When will the new requirements take effect?  

There is a two-year transition for the new requirements to go into effect. All counselors renewing their credentials after February 6, 2020 will be affected by the change.

When will we know what professional development counts for these new requirements?  

The Michigan Department of Education will be working with stakeholders and key statewide partners to create standards to approve courses that will cover the topics of this new law.

The department has until July 1, 2018 to create the new standards and guidelines.

Will courses be counted retroactively?

It is unknown if the MDE will allow any previous professional development activities to be counted retroactively towards the new requirements. More information should be available after the July deadline.

Will MCAN Postsecondary Planning Courses count towards this requirement?

Again, it is not currently known what courses will be approved by the MDE. It is our hope that the MCAN School Counselor Postsecondary planning training courses will be approved as fulfilling the new requirements either in full, or in part. 


MCAN will continue to keep the field updated with information about the new requirements as it becomes available. Individuals should also reach out the Michigan Department of Education or stay in contact with their professional organizations such as MACAC for more information.


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