Impact Map: Michigan's College Access Movement

The Impact Map is a statewide web-based interactive asset map. In its most basic form the interactive tool is a map of Michigan which displays dedicated college access programmatic assets in communities along with key college access quantitative indicators within various geographic boundaries. The Impact Map begins to provide a visual illustration of Michigan’s College Access Movement. 

The Impact Map includes the following community assets:

  • Local College Access Networks
  • College Access Programs
  • High Schools
  • Colleges

Badges have been assigned to the various community assets included on the map to indicate details regarding the type or college access work occurring.  Each of the community assets can be filtered to display only those organizations with particular badges or to gather details on the various community assets within a particular Prosperity Region, ISD, or county.

  • College Access Programs whose mission is dedicated to providing direct college access service and/or supports to students; have received an MCAN Innovative Program Grant within the last year, are a Promise Zone or provide a major scholarship, or are a dedicated college access resource center are included and have been awarded the corresponding badges.
  • High Schools who participate in Michigan College Month or College Decision Day; have a college adviser through a statewide program, a school counselor who has completed MCANs School Counselor Postsecondary Planning Training course, had a grant in the last year from MCAN, or are a host site for GEARUP or TRiO are included and have been awarded the corresponding badges.
  • Colleges who formally support a statewide college adviser program, provide a dedicated program to support students who have experienced foster care, participate in federal GEARUP or TRiO programs, or participate in MCANs Higher Education Advisory Board are included and have been awarded the corresponding badges.

Additionally, the Impact Map includes the following quantitative data assets:

  • College Readiness
  • College Enrollment
  • College Completion
  • Degree Attainment

The quantitative data is available by Prosperity Region, ISD, and county and is disaggregated, when possible, to show sub-group data comparisons.

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