Goal 2025

Our Goal 

Increase the percentage of Michigan residents with degrees or postsecondary certificates to 60 percent by the year 2025.

In order for Michigan to reach Goal 2025, MCAN employs a number of strategies including supporting the creation, expansion, and sustainability of high-quality, community-based college access strategic alliances. MCAN also advocates for policy reform that lowers the barriers to college for students, sponsors a number of statewide initiatives focused on increasing college access, delivers professional development to train college access professionals to be highly qualified and effective college advisers, and strengthens like-minded and mission-aligned statewide college access and success initiatives.

With the inclusion of workforce certificates (beginning in 2014), Michigan's overall rate of educational attainment for working-age adults (ages 25-64) has increased by 8.1 percentage points since 2008. According to data from A Stronger Nation report, Michigan's official attainment rate is now 43.7 percent

Each year, our friends at Lumina Foundation provide A Stronger Nation report to highlight attainment rates across the country and state by state. Available through the report:

  • Levels of education, ages 25-64;
  • Degree-attainment rates among adults (ages 25-64), by population group;
  • The path to 60 percent degree attainment; and
  • Percentage of adults (ages 25-64) with at least an associate degree, by county.

National Report http://strongernation.luminafoundation.org/report/2018/#nation 
Michigan's Reporthttp://strongernation.luminafoundation.org/report/2018/#state/MI 


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