Reach Higher Grant Resources - Program Year Two

Program Overview

During program year two, Reach Higher high schools will address four elements of a high school strategy to build a college-going culture and improve college enrollment outcomes, some of which were major components of program year one and some of which are new to the second year of Reach Higher.

  • Improved Postsecondary Advisory Council (PAC): Rather than one designated site coordinator for each initiative, schools will continue to convene a dedicated team of professionals to lead the college access strategy. The team should include at minimum the principal, counselor(s), college adviser(s), teachers, as well as (if appropriate) higher education representatives (admissions, financial aid, outreach), and community-based organizations. This year, schools should review their current PAC roster and think through strategies for addressing staff turnover and expanding the PAC to include members who were not at the table last year.

  • Scaled College Access Events: Each PAC will plan and host college access events for seniors including Michigan College Month and College Decision Day.

  • Collaborative Action: Each PAC will implement the two action plans built around the priority areas selected during year one of the program (one informed by the Postsecondary Success Asset Mapping survey and one informed by the Reach Higher rubric), including monthly progress check-ins at PAC meetings.

  • Sustainability: Each PAC will develop a sustainability plan to ensure programmatic and financial support beyond the MCAN granting period and begin to formalize and systematize the Reach Higher program within the high school.  


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This toolkit will provide guidance and direction for implementing this building-level strategy and producing year two deliverables for the strategy’s four essential elements. The toolkit includes a timeline that will outline the necessary steps to undertake each month. In addition to the toolkit, you will receive extensive training and technical support via orientations, webinars, and communication from Michigan College Access Network staff. It is our goal to empower schools to measure and improve their college enrollment outcomes.

Download the Program Year Two toolkit.


Additional Resources





Tools, Templates, & Examples




Reach Higher


Terms of Agreement (Word)

Program Budget Form (Excel) 


PSAM Action Plan Template (PDF)

PSAM Action Plan Template (Word)

PSAM Action Plan Example (PDF)

Reach Higher High School Orientation - 

  • Reach Higher High School Orientation (PPT)



February Deliverables

February Deliverables Checklist

To access and submit your February deliverables report form, visit



Sustainability Planning

Reach Higher Program Year Two Timeline (Word) 



June Deliverables 

June Deliverables Checklist

To access and submit your June report form, visit  



Developing and Implementing an Action Plan (PDF)





MCAN Dashboard Template Example (Excel)

"Grab and Go" Meeting Agendas: 

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