LCAN Implementation Guidebook

Charting the Course Second Edition

Michigan College Access Network is proud to present the second edition of "A community's guide for increasing educational attainment through the lens of collective impact."

Since Charting the Course was first published in 2013, Michigan College Access Network has fine-tuned the process of how to establish a Local College Access Network. This second edition of Charting the Course incorporates the lessons learned since then. These lessons come from working to build LCANs in partnership with more than 50 communities from throughout Michigan, and multiple communities from across the country.

Charting the Course Second Edition is organized into three parts:

  • Part I addresses the larger theory of the five conditions of collective impact within the context of college access.
  • Part II focuses on the recommended chronological and procedural steps for successfully creating a Local College Access Network.
  • Part III contains appendices of sample documents that are in use by LCANs, and templates developed or adapted by MCAN to assist communities in executing and embedding the strategies outlined in Parts I and II.

A free, electronic version of Charting the Course Second Edition is available to download.

Collective Impact Benchmarks

Published in 2016, MCAN's Collective Impact Benchmarks are designed as a supplement to Charting the Course Second Edition.

In order to better serve Local College Access Networks, the Michigan College Access Network has designed a set of Benchmarks using the Collective Impact framework as described in Charting the Course Second Edition. These Benchmarks can be used by communities as they build an LCAN, as well as by existing LCANs developing through the Collective Impact framework.

A free, electronic version of Local College Access Network Collective Impact Benchmarks is available to download. 





Hear from community leaders about the development of LCANs and their value to communities.




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