Statewide Initiatives

MCAN supports and maintains key statewide initiatives in order to increase college access, particularly within Local College Access Networks. Specifically, MCAN serves as the lead implementation partner on the following initiatives:

Michigan College Month

In 2016, Prior-Prior Year FAFSA legislation passed, meaning students and families can file the FAFSA using tax information from two years (rather than one year) prior. FAFSA availability shifted from October 1 to January 1. In response, MCAN combined its College Application Week and College Cash Campaign into Michigan College Month.

High schools who participate in this initiative will declare October Michigan College Month and provide dedicated time and space during the school day to allow seniors to work on college and scholarship applications and the FAFSA. The goal of Michigan College Month is that by the conclusion of October, every graduating senior will have applied to at least one college, submitted at least one scholarship application, and filed the FAFSA.

College Decision Day 

College-Decision-Day-logo-updated for web

The goal of College Decision Day is to recognize high school seniors for their postsecondary plans and encourage younger students and families to prepare early for postsecondary education. College Decision Day is held annually on or around May 1 and is designed to coincide with the date that most seniors must inform a college of their plans to enroll. 


College Cash Campaign

The goal of the Michigan College Cash Campaign is to encourage a school-wide rally around FAFSA completion and helping students find cash for college. This initiative is a part of the suite of statewide initiatives that helps students navigate the college-going process during their senior year. The average FAFSA completion rate in Michigan for the 2016-17 year was 65%. MCAN wants to increase this average and will offer rewards to participating high schools as incentives to improve your school’s FAFSA completion rate.



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