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About the College Cash Campaign

The goal of the Michigan College Cash Campaign is to encourage a school-wide rally around FAFSA completion and helping students find cash for college. This initiative is a part of the suite of statewide initiatives that helps students navigate the college-going process during their senior year. The average FAFSA completion rate in Michigan for the 2016-17 year was 65%. MCAN wants to increase this average and will offer rewards to participating high schools as incentives to improve your school’s FAFSA completion rate.

The most commonly cited barrier to postsecondary education is college affordability. Along with being informed, and socially and academically ready, it is equally important that all students have access to the necessary funds to enroll, persist, and complete college. While completing the FAFSA is one step in the college-going process, it is the only way for students to unlock their access to federal loans and grants, statewide scholarships and grants, and often institutional and community-based scholarships and grants.


Campaign Incentives

Many schools already host FAFSA completion and financial aid information events. We want to celebrate the schools committed to this work and encourage other schools to enhance their college-going culture through the College Cash Campaign.

MCAN will monitor FAFSA completion rates via FSA data every two weeks. As your school hit the following benchmarks, you and your students will receive rewards! MCAN will notify schools once a month of their progress starting November 1, 2017 through March 1, 2018.

Student Rewards: 

  • 50% FAFSA completion – “Next steps to college” magnets
  • 65% FAFSA completion – Stadium cups
  • 75% FAFSA completion – Carabiner
  • 90%+ FAFSA completion – Alligator clips

Counselor Rewards:

  • 60% FAFSA completion - Coffee mug
  • 70% FAFSA completion - Mystery gift!



As a College Cash Campaign participating school, MCAN will provide the following recognition:

  • Monthly acknowledgment in MCAN eNews of schools receiving rewards
  • Monthly acknowledgment on MCAN social media channels of schools receiving rewards
  • Letters to ISDs celebrating the school’s accomplishments and participation
  • Certificate of Participation to host sites
  • Recognition at the 2018 Annual MCAN Conference 

FAFSA Tracker

We are excited to announce the launch of FAFSA Tracker - a campaign-wide FAFSA tracking website that will compile and update FAFSA completion rates as data is released by Federal Student Aid. 
All College Cash Campaign schools have an individual profile that shows current completion numbers and trends as well as a comparison to last year. We expect that this will be a great tool not only for counselors to track their own progress, but also to easily highlight the work they've done. Similarly, the School Comparison page will show and track completion and progress for all CCC sites across the state and monitor the campaign. The School Resources page provides information and best practices on running a Financial Aid campaign as well as links to FAFSA resources for both counselors and students. Check out the new website at:


Expectations of Host Sites

  • Help your students complete the FAFSA and college scholarships.
  • Seriously, that’s it!



The following resources are available for schools to assist in hosting activities and events to build a college-going culture.

  • Michigan College Month Resources: Google folder link
    • All of the folders are "view only" except the "Resources from Host Sites" folder - this is open for anyone to edit, so please share the resources and examples you have created for your school
  • K-12 College-Going Culture Toolkit (coming early November)



Questions regarding the College Cash Campaign should be directed to Domonique Clemons, strategy assistant. He can be contacted via email at Domonique(a), or by calling (517) 316-1713.

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