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A Check-in: Looking at the College Going Culture of Michigan Adults

The Michigan College Access Network has maintained a contract with the Institute for Public Policy and Social Research (IPPSR) at Michigan State University to annually measure the college-going culture of adults in the state of Michigan through the State of the State Survey (SOSS). The SOSS is a comprehensive survey administered quarterly to measure citizen opinion on critical issues. The SOSS allows for regular systematic monitoring of the public culture on a variety of topics. 2012 was the first time these questions were asked and MCAN intends to continue asking the questions on an annual basis.

Spring 2017

SOSS survey data is collected through phone interviews to both landline and cellular phones. 954 individuals were surveyed between April 2017 and July 2017. This report focuses on the data from the college-going culture questions sponsored by the Michigan College Access Network. The statewide data has been weighted to provide a representative sampling (both geographically and demographically) of the state of Michigan. The regional data reported has not been weighted.

Results remain positive in the fourth year of the survey, as 90.4% of Michigan adults feel a college education is somewhat important or very important for a young person in Michigan to be successful in the labor market and their career. Also, aspirations are high among those with children under 18. Of those surveyed, 92.9% believe it is somewhat likely or very likely their child will get a college education.

Although questions one and two demonstrate adults believe a college education is important and aspire for their children to go to college, we know that aspirations and the reality of college completion data show a large gap. Michigan has persistently lagged behind the national average in college attainment.

In addition to this brief, MCAN monitors how Michigan is moving the needle on college access and success indicators and shares the data publicly through a Dashboard available at

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