College Admissions and Advising

The Other College Guide: A Road Map to the Right School for You
This new kind of college guide provides young people with honest and practical information they need to make sense of the college process and answer questions such as:

  • The book's list price is $17.95, though discounts are available when buying in bulk.Where can you get an amazing education without your parents having to remortgage the house or cash in their retirement fund?
  • Which degrees will allow you to fulfill your dreams and earn a decent paycheck?
  • What do you really need to know if you're a black or Latino student, or the first in your family to go to college?

College Profiles

The Ferris State University MAC AmeriCorps members have compiled college profiles that allow comparison of Michigan colleges by providing information on school location and size, teacher-to-student ratio, admission requirements, cost, and financial aid available. The profiles are part of the larger West Michigan College Resource Guide.

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