College-Going Culture, Early Awareness and Aspirations


middle school students riding bikes and taking picture with cell phoneK-12 College-Going Culture Toolkit
Released in January 2018, MCAN's K-12 College-Going Culture Toolkit is intended for college access practitioners like counselors and college advisers to use within the school building. The toolkit provides activities and resources for building a college-going culture in the school district from kindergarten through 12th grade. It is broken down by three sections: elementary, middle and high school so that educators and school counselors can easily scan for age-appropriate activities and resources.


College Positive Volunteerism
In an effort to simplify access to valuable college access and success information, Michigan Campus Compact offers easy-to-use web resources that can help guide anyone – whether you’re a new College Positive Volunteer or a campus staff member looking to develop his/her own program – to the information they need about access and success.

Creating a College-Going Culture Guide
This guide from College Board addresses the reasons why schools should strive to create a college-going culture, while providing valuable how-to methods on assessment and implementation. The guide also covers various outreach programs that can be offered to students, and provides tips on how to engage parents so that the community also becomes part of a school's college-going culture.

Keep Learning, Michigan campaign
2015 BLM bannerad 150x150 MCAN worth-01 1The Keep Learning, Michigan. For All It's Worth campaign launched in December 2015 and is aimed at heightening awareness of the need for teens and adults to continue their education and training beyond high school. The campaign is spearheaded by the Michigan Higher Education Partnership Council. 

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The Role of Mentoring in College Access and Success
The brief, The Role of Mentoring in College Access and Success, authored by the Pathways to College Network (a program directed by IHEP) along with the National College Access Network, distills and synthesizes scholarly research specifically as it pertains to the role of mentoring to promote college access and success. With an emphasis on implications for practitioners, the brief aims to serve as a tangible resource for individuals from college access programs, youth development organizations, and advocacy. In addition, The Role of Mentoring in College Access and Success features an interview with the leadership of Philadelphia-Futures’ Sponsor-A-Scholar program to share lessons from the field.

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