Grant Opportunities

Michigan College Access Network offers multiple grant opportunities to build up Local College Access Networks (LCANs) and college access programs that put college in reach for more Michigan youth. While MCAN’s primary strategy to achieving Sixty by 30 remains the development and support of Local College Access Networks, MCAN also provides grant funding to direct service programs and high schools in support of this Goal.

Available Grants

  • LCAN Planning Grants are available for up to $20,000 to conduct a strategic planning process to organize and initiate a community-based Local College Access Network (LCAN). Planning Grants will be accepted at any time and are reviewed throughout the year. To learn more or apply for a planning grant visit
  • LCAN Implementation Grants of up to $60,000 over two years ($30,000 annually) are available to launch and support community-based Local College Access Networks (LCANs). Implementation Grants will be accepted at any time and reviewed throughout the year. To learn more or apply for an implementation grant visit  

  • LCAN Continuous Improvement Grants of up to $25,000 are available to support, grow and promote the sustainability of community-based local college access networks (LCANs) over the course of 12 months. As communities are ready for this grant, they are invited to apply by the Michigan College Access Network. Those LCANs that are invited to apply will have implemented the collective impact framework. A staff member of the Michigan College Access Network must sign off on all applications prior to submission. Uninvited applications cannot be entered into the online grant submission system. Continuous Improvement Grants will be accepted on a rolling basis. To learn more or apply for a Continuous Improvement Grant visit

  • COVID-19 Response Grants are available through two funding pathways: up to $2,500 in mini-grants targeted toward high schools; and up to $10,000 targeted toward a community response. COVID-19 Response Grants provide a flexible funding pathway for Michigan high schools, Local College Access Networks, community-based nonprofit organizations, and higher education institutions to support emergent postsecondary projects and programs in response to affects of the pandemic in their communities. 

  • Innovative Program Grants will fund programming that increases college readiness, enrollment and completion in local communities and across the state through grants of up to $10,000. Grants require 50 percent match funding, of which 50 percent can be in-kind and at least 50 percent must be cash. Innovative Program Grants are not intended to be renewable or long-term funding for a program. To learn more or to apply visit
  • Reach Higher High School Grants are available to high schools with a strong commitment from the building principal, school counseling team, and dedicated college and career readiness staff to move the needle on key college access metrics for the Reach Higher High School grant.  High Schools that are dedicated to assembling a Postsecondary Advisory Council, coordinating a suite of college access interventions, assessing the college-going culture and school counseling capacity, and collecting and analyzing disaggregated student outcomes data should consider applying.
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